Table 1

Results from the systematic reviews of psychometric evaluation of vascular PROMs

ConditionNumber of citationsNumber of included papersResultsConclusions
AAA123234 validated PROMs identified: 1 generic, 1 vascular generic and 2 condition specificThis review has highlighted a gap in the evidence for validated PROMs in AAA. Due to a lack of rigorous psychometric testing.
CAD167056 validated PROMs identified:
4 generic and 2 condition specific
There was a lack of validated PROMs to measure outcomes for CAD patients.
PAD69811413 validated PROMs identified:
6 generic and 7 condition specific
VascQol was the most psychometrically robust instrument.
VV387973 validated PROMs identified:
1 generic and 2 condition specific
Aberdeen Varicose Vein Questionnaire is the most psychometrically robust disease-specific PROMs for use with VV patients.
VLU38797 validated PROMs identified:
3 generic and 4 condition specific
The most valid and reliable condition specific PROMs was VLU-QOL.
  • AAA, abdominal aortic aneurysm; CAD, carotid artery disease; PAD, peripheral arterial disease; VLU, venous leg ulcer; VLU-QOL, venous leg ulcer quality of life; VV, varicose veins.