Table 3

Abridged quality appraisal criteria for JBI evidence summaries21

Type of study/evidenceQuality appraisal criteria
Systematic reviewIs the review question clearly and explicitly stated?
Was the search strategy appropriate?
Were the inclusion criteria appropriate for the review question?
Were the criteria for appraising studies appropriate?
Was critical appraisal by two or more independent reviewers?
Were there methods used to minimise error in data extraction?
Were the methods used to combine studies appropriate?
Quantitative evidenceWas there appropriate randomisation?
Was allocation concealed?
Was blinding to allocation maintained?
Was incompleteness of data addressed?
Were outcomes reported accurately?
Qualitative evidenceWas the research design appropriate for the research?
Was the recruitment strategy appropriate for the research?
Were data collected in a way that addressed the research issue?
Has the relationship between researcher and participants been considered?
Was the data analysis sufficiently rigorous?
  • JBI, Joanna Briggs Institute.