Table 1

Participating departments and types of surgeries included in this study

Selected specifications of the departmentsDepartment of Heart, Lung and Vascular SurgeryDepartment of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Full time employees94152
Annual number of surgeries*12672627
Selected surgical unitOR-EastOR-South 1
Total number of ORs in the surgical unit†53
Total number of IORs in the surgical unit11
Specialty of the selected types of surgeryLung surgeryGastrointestinal surgery
Selected types of surgeryLobectomyLaparoscopic cholecystectomy
Oesophageal resectionLaparoscopic appendectomy
Pectus excavatum
Lung resection
Pectus carinatum
Data extraction period01.10.16–31.03.1901.10.18–31.03.19
32 months (n=1035)6 months (n=148)
  • *Activity data are extracted for 2018.

  • †Including integrated operating rooms (IORs).

  • ORs, operating rooms;