Table 1

Schedule of enroment, training and intervention delivery in the BMI2+ study

BaselineIntervention period
(~2 years)
End of study
Primary care practices (n=18)
 Execute legal agreementsxx
Ped/NPs (n=24)
 Informed consentxx
 Human subjects trainingxx
 Survey: current practices for obesity treatmentxxxx
 In-person MI trainingxx
 Telephone and webinar trainingx
 Debriefing interviewsxx
Parents (target n=316)
 Verbal or electronic consentx
 Surveys: demographics, diet, exercise, screen timex
 Intervention deliveryx
 Follow-up satisfaction surveyx
 Debriefing interviewsx
 EHR data extractions for ascertainment of eligibility (baseline) and outcomes analysis (end of study vs baseline)xxxx
  • BMI, body mass index; EHR, electronic health recordInt, intervention groupMI, motivational interviewing; ped/NP, paediatrician/nurse practitioner; UC, usual care group.