Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of participants in this study

IDGenderSettingTime in programmeComorbidities*
001FBSP3 yearsObesity-associated comorbidities, osteoarthritis, personality disorder.
002MBSP5 yearsObesity-associated comorbidities, depression.
003FBSP8 yearsObesity-associated comorbidities, MDD.
004FBSP8 yearsObesity-associated comorbidities, MDD, GAD.
005FSRCHC1 yearHepatitis C, GAD, depression, alcohol abuse.
006MSRCHC1 yearHepatitis C, osteoporosis, chronic pain, diabetes, GAD, MDD, PTSD, ADHD, SA.
007FSRCHC1 yearHepatitis C, depression, SA.
008MSRCHC1 yearHepatitis C, depression, SA.
009FBSP5 yearsCongenital hip dysplasia, MDD, alcohol abuse.
010FBSP5 yearsObesity-related comorbidities, alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder, BED.
011MSRCHC6 months Hepatitis C, depression.
012MSRCHC1 year Hepatitis C, HIV, depression.
  • *Obesity-associated comorbidities (including diabetes, sleep apnoea, hypertension), MDD, GAD, hepatitis C, PTSD, ADHD, addiction, SA, BED and HIV.

  • ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; BED, binge eating disorder; BSP, Bariatric Surgery Program; F, female; GAD, generalised anxiety disorder; M, male; MDD, major depressive disorder; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; SA, substance abuse; SRCHC, South Riverdale Community Health Centre-Hepatitis-C programme.