Table 1

Preliminary data items to extract

Data itemsAssociated questions
Publication details (all research questions)
 Authors and affiliationsWho conducted the research?
 TypeIn what type of literature was the study published? (Journal, grey literature, conference abstract)
 YearWhen was the study published?
 Country/regionIn which geographic region(s) did the study take place?
General details (all research questions)
 Study designWhat was the study’s design?
 Study aimsWhat were the study’s aims?
 PopulationWhat population was studied? Were there any specific inclusion/exclusion criteria such as disease severity, subtype or age?
 Study sizeHow many people participated in the study?
 Included DMOsWhich DMOs were measured? How and in what setting were the DMOs measured?
Research question 1
Study designWere patients and controls matched or are the groups comparable with respect to appropriate criteria (height, age, sex)? Was gait analysis controlled for gait speed? Did the study focus on a specific subgroup or population?
Differences in DMOsWhat differences in DMOs occurred (or did not occur) between the four included populations and healthy controls?
Did these differences reach statistical significance?
Research question 2
 Analytical methodsHow did the authors measure the relationship between clinically relevant measures and DMOs? What association measure was used?
 Clinically relevant measuresWhat clinically relevant measures were studied?
 Relationship strengthWhat was the strength of the reported relationship between the measure and the DMO? Was the association statistically significant?
Research question 3
 Model descriptionDoes the study report a multivariate analysis, a prediction model, a model based on machine-learning? Which covariates were included in the model? Which analytical methods were used?
 Clinically relevant outcomesWhat clinically relevant outcomes were studied to assess the DMO’s prognostic value?
 Prognostic valueDid the DMO provide prognostic value with respect to the studied outcome?
Research question 4
 Intervention typeWhat intervention was studied?
 Study endpointsWas the DMO used as a primary, secondary or exploratory endpoint? What other primary, secondary and exploratory endpoints were measured?
 SuccessWas there a change in the primary endpoint between groups?
 Ability to detect changeWas the DMO able to detect a change due to the intervention (if a change occurred)?
  • DMO, digital mobility outcomes.