Table 2

Data collection schedule

DataTime points and mode of data collection
BaselineIntervention periodMonth 6
Month 12 post-randomisation
Age (years)
Weight (kg)
Height (cm)
Admission date
Operative procedure (THR or TKR)
Site of joint replacement
Duration of hip or knee symptoms
Presence and location of multi-joint pain
ASA grade
List of medical comorbidities
Physiotherapist exercise class log
Patient in-session and home exercise diary
Behaviour change intervention log (group and telephone) (physiotherapist completed)
Charlson Comorbidity Score
Employment status and current occupation (when appropriate)
UCLA Activity Score
Lower Extremity Functional Scale
Oxford Hip or Knee Score
Numerical Rating Scale – Pain
Generalised Self-Efficacy Scale
Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
Health economic/health utilisation questionnaire
Complications and adverse events
  • Shaded areas represent where these data are being collected.

  • Assessment intervals following randomisation; each follow-up interval ±1 month.

  • AMTS, Abbreviated Mental Test Score; ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists classification; cm, centimetres; kg, kilograms; THR, total hip replacement; TKR, total knee replacement; UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles.