Table 1

Themes and quotations from primary care physicians regarding antibiotic resistance as a public health issue

Antibiotic resistance seen as less important than other public health issues faced by primary care physicians
  1. ‘We are seeing some MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Everybody does. It is just so low on the totem pole compared with the other things that we are seeing’. – Birmingham, family medicine/internal medicine physician

  2. ‘It’s important, but in everyday practice I thought that other things were more important.’ – Chicago, paediatrician

Antibiotic resistance is an issue, but not for my patient population
  1. ‘I thought about antibiotic resistance as more of a problem, not in my practice that much, but in a hospital with a very sick person where they can’t find something because somebody’s resistant.” – Chicago, paediatrician

  2. ‘It’s not like I’m seeing my patients having an issue on a regular basis like these other things are. There’s this threat of this crazy super bug that will take over the world and kill us all, but I’ve never – it doesn’t seem like reality’. – Philadelphia, family medicine/internal medicine physician

  3. ‘We’re starting to see it in the community. I think if you had a table full of infectious disease doctors working in intensive care units, you would have different priorities. But in the outpatient, we probably see it less(…)It is a matter of time before we see it more. Who knows, a year, two, three from now, these numbers might be different.’ – Philadelphia, family medicine/internal medicine physician