Table 2

Association between sleep quality and GDS-30 Scores among the elderly in the nursing homes

Poor sleep qualityGood sleep qualityDifference
MeanSEMeanSEMdiff (95% CI)P value
Crude model11.530.316.330.455.19 (4.15 to 6.24)<0.001
Adjusted model 1 (R2=0.11, F=33.54, p<0.001)
 11.310.296.790.424.52 (3.51 to 5.53)<0.001
Adjusted model 2 (R2=0.24, F=27.42, p<0.001) (2.54 to 4.47)<0.001
Adjusted model 3 (R2=0.40, F=30.78, p<0.001)
 10.670.248.090.362.54 (1.66 to 3.42)<0.001
  • Model 1: adjusted for age and gender.

  • Model 2: adjusted for all covariates as in model 1 plus education level, marital status, medical insurance status, monthly personal income, duration of admission and number of living children.

  • Model 3: adjusted for all covariates as in model 2 plus smoking status, alcohol drinking status, a history of chronic disease, Social Support Rating Scale status, activities of daily living status and negative life events.

  • GDS-30, Geriatric Depression Scale-30 items; Mdiff, mean difference.