Table 3

Association between sleep quality and depression symptoms among the elderly in the nursing homes

Crude modelAdjusted model*
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Overall sleep quality
 Poor4.373.03 to 6.31<0.0013.192.04 to 4.98<0.001
Subjective sleep quality
 Poor5.053.71 to 6.87<0.0013.152.18 to 4.56<0.001
Increased sleep latency
 No3.812.79 to 5.20<0.0012.581.78 to 3.74<0.001
Sleep duration
 >8 hours1.001.00
 7–8 hours1.090.70 to 1.710.7001.240.73 to 2.110.431
 <7 hours2.641.89 to 3.70<0.0011.951.29 to 2.950.001
Reduced sleep efficiency
 Yes2.741.99 to 3.78<0.0011.891.27 to 2.800.002
Sleep disturbances
 Yes3.492.56 to 4.77<0.0012.331.59 to 3.41<0.001
Use of sleep medication
 Yes1.631.03 to 2.560.0371.300.72 to 2.350.379
Daytime dysfunction
 Yes3.222.38 to 4.36<0.0012.211.53 to 3.20<0.001
  • *Adjusted for age, gender, education, marital status, medical insurance, monthly personal income, duration of admission, number of living children, smoking status, alcohol drinking status, a history of chronic disease, social support status, activities of daily living status and negative life events.