Table 1

Study methods

MethodNEligibility criteriaRelevant topics addressed
Cross-sectional survey*740
  • Age 18–24

  • Contraception used at last sexual intercourse and source

  • Literate

  • Demographic and behavioural characteristics

  • Have their own mobile phone (with them at time of recruitment) and report regular use

  • Report current use of text messaging

Focus group discussions*6
  • Age 18–24

  • Sources of contraception for young people

(58 participants)
  • Community members

  • Characteristics of young people who use each source

In-depth interviews18
  • Age 18–24

  • Reasons for having purchased contraception from pharmacy

  • Recently purchased contraception at pharmacy

  • What was valued (and not valued) about experience

Key-informant interviews
  • Age 18+

  • Characteristics of young people who purchase contraception

19 (pharmacy personnel)
  • Pharmacy personnel (any role) OR

  • What clients appreciate about experience

6 (stakeholders)
  • Pharmacy-related stakeholder (Ministry of Health; regulatory agency; professional association; non-governmental organisation)

  • *Methods which were nested in the broader ARMADILLO study, a digital health intervention randomised controlled trial. Inclusion/exclusion criteria for these nested methods were determined by ARMADILLO’s objectives.