Table 1

Primary and secondary outcomes included in the review, mapped against UHC dimensions

UHC dimensionPrimary cataract indicatorSecondary cataract indicator
Access (Coverage)—the availability of good health services within reasonable reach and available at the point of need.Cataract surgical coverage
  • Cataract surgical rate23

  • No of operating surgeons by country

  • No and distribution of operating centres by country

Quality—limited to the WHO quality elements of effectiveness and safetyEffective cataract surgical coverage8
  • Cataract surgical outcome11

  • Complication rates per surgeon/institution

Financial Protection—direct payments made to obtain health services do not expose people to financial hardship and do not threaten living standardsRate of Catastrophic Spending on cataract surgery (25% of total household expenditure per WHO)Cost of cataract Surgery (to patient/household)24 25
Rate of Impoverishing Spending on cataract surgery (relative to national or international poverty line)
Equity—services are accessible to all who need themDisaggregation of any of the primary or secondary indicators by sex/gender13 15 26Disaggregation of any of the primary or secondary indicators by any other PROGRESS factor20:
 Place of residence (eg, urban/rural, subnational unit)
 Socioeconomic status12
 Social capital (eg, marital status)27