Table 2

Various model inputs

Activity/service pointMean service time (min)*Proportion of patients from reception†Proportion of patients from other service points beyond reception‡Cost/min§
Patient registration at the reception10¶–**£0.16
Nurse-led booked follow-up348.3% male,††‡‡ 7.7% female††‡‡100%§§£0.26
Health promotion counselling153.0% male,††‡‡ 2.0% female††‡‡100%§§£0.32
Online-based self-sampling8.1% male,‡‡ 8.4% female‡‡£9.79‡‡
Consultation and examination with HCP for MB patients9.8%,†† 7.9%‡‡
 Visual check/examination MB405.2%,†† 6.8%‡‡1%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Non-complex MB2537.6%,†† 18.8%‡‡6%,*** 94%§§£1.10
 Complex MB4017.6%,†† 22.9%‡‡1%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Microscopy MB347.0%,†† 9.1%‡‡100%§§£1.10
 Visual check/examination MB MSM451.7%,†† 2.2%‡‡2%,¶¶ 16%.††† 82%§§£1.10
 Complex MB MSM3729.0%,†† 37.7%‡‡1%,¶¶ 51%,††† 48%§§£1.10
 Microscopy MB MSM391.9%,†† 2.5%‡‡100%§§£1.10
Consultation and examination with HCP for MW patients27.9%,†† 21.6%‡‡
 Visual check/examination MW407.1%,†† 10.0%‡‡2%,¶¶ 98%§§£1.10
 Non-complex MW2545.2%,†† 22.6%‡‡5%,*** 95%§§£1.10
 Complex MW4014.8%,†† 20.9%‡‡1%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Microscopy MW3412.7%,†† 18.0%‡‡100%§§£1.10
 Visual check/examination MW MSM451.2%,†† 1.7%‡‡4%,¶¶ 32%,††† 64%§§£1.10
 Complex MW MSM3716.1%,†† 22.8%‡‡1%,¶¶ 54%,††† 45%§§£1.10
 Microscopy MW MSM392.8%,†† 4.0%‡‡100%§§£1.10
Consultation and examination with HCP for FB patients16.8%,†† 14.1%‡‡
 Contraception FB3022.8%,†† 28.1%‡‡100%§§£1.10
 Non-complex visual check/examination FB403.0%,†† 3.7%‡‡1%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Complex visual check/examination FB551.8%,†† 2.2%‡‡2%,¶¶ 98%§§£1.10
 Non-complex FB2531.9%,†† 16.0%‡‡1%,*** 99%§§£1.10
 Complex FB4530.3%,†† 37.4%‡‡1%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Simple speculum FB405.0%,†† 6.2%‡‡100%§§£1.10
 Complex speculum FB605.2%,†† 6.4%‡‡100%§§£1.10
Consultation and examination with HCP for FW patients24.5%,†† 18.8%‡‡
 Contraception FW306.2%,†† 8.9%‡‡100%§§£1.10
 Non-complex visual check/examination FW405.1%,†† 7.3%‡‡1%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Complex visual check/examination FW551.4%,†† 2.0%‡‡2%,¶¶ 98%§§£1.10
 Non-complex FW2546.4%,†† 23.2%‡‡1%,*** 99%§§£1.10
 Complex FW4520.1%.†† 28.8%‡‡1%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Simple speculum FW4011.6%,†† 16.6%‡‡100%§§£1.10
 Complex speculum FW609.2%,†† 13.2%‡‡100%§§£1.10
 Injection MSM1543%,¶¶ 57%§§£0.26
 Male laboratory15£0.17
 Female laboratory15£0.17
Results counselling and treatment
 Treatment MB101%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Treatment MW101%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Treatment FB101%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
 Treatment FW101%,¶¶ 99%§§£1.10
  • *We used an average distribution, which is a normal distribution in SIMUL8 with SD set to ±25% of the mean.

  • †Proportion of patients from reception to another service point. The gender ratio for the patient population was 51% female to 49% male (of which 31% were MSM).

  • ‡Other service points refer to all the service points beyond reception. For example, all (100%) patients from nurse-led booked follow-up exit the clinic after receiving their service.

  • §The cost estimates are based on using a single resource and staff time only, and are derived from nationally published pay scales of NHS employers for 2019.16

  • ¶For this, we used a triangular distribution with minimum 3, mode 11 and maximum 16 (ie, 10 min on average).

  • **Patients register their arrival at the reception.

  • ††Without the provision of online-based self-sampling for asymptomatic patients.

  • ‡‡With the provision of online-based self-sampling for asymptomatic patients.

  • §§To exit from the clinic.

  • ¶¶To see a health adviser for health promotion counselling.

  • ***To give a sample at the laboratory.

  • †††To see a nurse for having an injection.

  • FB, female booked; FW, female walk-in; HCP, healthcare practitioner; MB, male booked; MSM, men who have sex with men; MW, male walk-in.