Table 2

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

PICOS acronym25Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
P—PopulationYoung, young adult and adults of both sexes, age >18 years old and of any ethnicityChildren, adolescents, pregnant women and the elderly people of both sexes
I—Intervention/exposureCOVID-19 outbreakOther previous pandemics as well as studies that analysed mental and behavioural disorders due to the use of alcohol and other drugs
C—ComparisonNot applicable
O—OutcomeThe primary outcomes is the prevalence and the severity of psychological symptomsStudies that report prevalence and severity of symptoms of young people and adults who have had mental problems by other causes than due to the current COVID-19 pandemic
S—Study designObservational studiesRCT, NRCT, qualitative studies and grey literature
LanguageAll languagesNone
SettingAll settingsNone
  • MeSH, Medical Subject Headings; NRCT, non-randomised controlled trials; RCT, randomised controlled trials.