Table 1

Baseline characteristics table

Clinical variableNumber of subjectsMedian (IQR)
Age (years)18760.1 (50.9–66.9)
Sex 86M 101F (46%M, 54% F)
Pack years for ex-smokers9917 (8–27)
FEV1 (L)1851.4 (0.9–1.9)
FEV1 per cent predicted18551.1 (30.5–67.5)
FVC (L)1853.6 (2.9–4.8)
FVC per cent predicted185105.7 (88.2–123.4)
FEV1/FVC (%)18536.9 (28.5–49.8)
Kco per cent predicted18156.3 (46.0–69.6)
RV/TLC (%)14041.5 (33.0–52.7)
Voxel index −950 HU (%)14724.5 (15.4–35.2)
Perc15 (HU)147−965.2 (−974.8 to −950.7)
Total CAT score15818.9 (12.0–25.0)
Total SGRQ score15845.2 (33.3–62.1)
  • Data are shown as median and interquartile ranges together with the number of patients where data were collected. All subjects were either never smokers or had ceased at least 1 year before the time of assessment. CAT score is only given for those where the total SGRQ score was also available.

  • CAT, COPD assessment tool; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; HU, hounsfield units; Kco, carbon monoxide transfer coefficient; RV/TLC, residual volume/total lung capacity; SGRQ, St George’s Respiratory Questionnaire.