Table 1

Definitions of the adapted Electronic Postoperative Morbidity Score (ePOMS) used for daily assessment of complications in a retrospective cohort of operated chronic subdural haematoma

DomainDiagnostic criteriaNotes
RespiratoryNeed for supplementary oxygen
CardiovascularHR >100
SBP <100
Positive troponin test
NeurologicalNeed for 1:1 nursing observation
Motor/Verbal Score worse than referral
Focal neurology
Surrogate for hyperactive delirium
Documented mismatch between left/right sided arm/leg strength at any stage
RenalRise in creatinine to ≥1.5× baselineLast recorded creatinine prior to surgery
GIAdministered antiemeticDefined by the following WHO ATC codes: a04*, a03fa01, r06ae03, n05ad08
PainNeed for intravenous opioids or local anaesthetic infusion on a given dayDrugs identified by following WHO ATC codes: n02aa01, n02ab03, n01bb01
Recurrence†ReoperationePOMS originally identifies severe wound infection by need for further surgery. In this context reoperation for the same procedure is being used to identify reaccumulation of cSDH
InfectionTemperature ≥38°C
Receiving antibiotics on a given day
Antibiotics defined by following WHO ATC codes: j01‡
HaematologicalTransfused with blood productIncluding red cells, platelets, FFP, cryoprecipitate
  • If multiple potential criteria are listed then an individual is positive in that domain if any of these are met.

  • *Indicates additional criterion included in this variant of ePOMS from those previously published.

  • †In the original ePOMS this would correspond to the wound category.

  • ‡Indicates that all drugs below this level of ATC code were included. A dictionary of relevant ATC codes is available in the online supplementary material.

  • FFP, fresh frozen plasma; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; GI, gastrointestinal; HR, heart rate; SBP, systolic blood pressure; WHO ATC, World Health Organization anatomical therapeutic chemical classification.