Table 1

Conceptual definition of the implementation outcomes

Implementation outcomesDefinition (according to Proctor et al 2011)40Related terms
AcceptabilityPerception that the intervention is agreeable, satisfactory or confers relative advantageComfort; Advantage; Credibility
AppropriatenessPerceived fit or relevance of the intervention in a settingRelevance; Perceived fit; Compatibility; Perceived usefulness; Suitability
AdoptionIntention, initial decision or action to try to employ a new interventionUptake; Utilisation; Intention to try
CostsIncremental cost of the implementation strategy and the total cost of implementation including the cost of the interventionMarginal cost; Total cost
FeasibilityThe extent to which an intervention can be carried out in a setting or organisationPracticality; Actual fit; Utility; Trialability
FidelityThe degree to which an intervention is implemented as it was designed in an original protocol, plan or policyAdherence; Integrity; Quality of programme delivery; Intensity or dosage of delivery
PenetrationThe degree to which the population that is eligible to benefit from an intervention receives itReach; Access; Service spread; Effective coverage
SustainabilityExtent to which an intervention is maintained or institutionalised in each settingMaintenance; Continuation; Durability; Institutionalisation; Routinisation; Integration