Table 4

Frequency, preventability and severity of patient-reported incidents and concerns

Practice APractice BPractice CPractice DPractice EPractice FTotal
No of patient-reported incidents*14022003314119
Average preventability rating (range)†Definitely preventableProbably not preventableDefinitely preventable, Probably preventableProbably preventable, Don’t knowDefinitely preventableProbably preventableDefinitely preventableDefinitely preventableDefinitely preventableProbably preventable
Average severity rating (range)‡10 (10)7.3 (6–8)6.5 (3–10)8.5 (7–10)6.7 (6–8)6.3 (6–7)9 (9)7.6 (7–9)7.4 (3–10)7.4 (6–10)
No of patient-reported concerns§6136932286484225
No of patient-reported concerns that were classified as safety incidents373111233231712
  • T1=Time 1 (baseline).

  • T2=Time 2 (6 months postintervention period).

  • *Patient-reported incidents using Patient Incident Reporting Tool.

  • †Preventability scale consists of five options ‘definitely preventable’, ‘probably preventable’, ‘Probably not preventable’, ‘definitely not preventable’, and ‘don’t know’. Expressed as the median due to it being an ordinal variable.

  • ‡Patient-Rated Severity Scale is 1–10 with 1=not serious at all and 10=extremely serious.

  • §Patient-reported concerns mentioned in ‘other comments’ section of the survey (total number of negative comments).

  • ¶Patient-reported incidents mentioned in the ‘other comments’ section of the survey (PISA classification system was used to classify safety incidents.68