Table 1

Search criteria

ContextAdults (aged 18 years and over); subjected to sexual violence and abuse; social contexts that may impact interventions or service provision (eg, stigma/victim-blaming/cultural norms) and movements (eg, #MeToo). Settings to include sexual and reproductive healthcare settings.
(resource and response)
Different service provisions, for example, trauma informed care, routine enquiry, training and education, use of technology in this setting, social media and online publicity for the sexual health service.
Creating responsive service, building trust, and so on.
OutcomeDisclosure, safe disclosure, supported disclosure; unintended outcome: re-traumatisation and victim-blaming.
We plan to exclude the following contexts (with justification in brackets): studies focussed on adults disclosing child sexual abuse, or intimate partner violence where sexual violence is not specified. Studies prior to 2010 not initially included (justification: transfer of public health, including sexual health commissioning in UK to local government in 2013, and growth of movements such as #MeToo in social media since this time). Non-OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries, and non-healthcare settings (justification: significant contextual differences).