Table 2

Speciality of non-specialists, experience and training in LUS

StudyNumber of and speciality of physicians performing LUSPrior experience in LUS or ultrasonography in generalDescription of training in LUSTime consumption on LUS
Amatya et al38Four emergency resident physiciansOne week of performing LUS in the ED.One hour lecture on LUS. Five pre-enrolment LUS scans and interpretation reviewed by expert sonographer.7 min 9 s (SD 1 min 57 s)
Corradi et al18One intensivist with PhD in US*More than 10 years of experience in LUS*
Fares et al22A single physician
Karimi et al39Trained emergency residents under supervision of the attending emergency specialist in charge
Liu et
Three emergency physiciansAt least 50 cases of LUS examinationTwenty-eight hours course based on US emergency medicine guidelines issued by the American College of Emergency Physicians in 2001
Nazerian et
Four internal medicine and emergency medicine attending physicians. Four resident physicians (two internal medicine and two emergency medicine)Attending physicians; at least 5 years of experience in POC-US Resident physicians; at least 1 year of training in emergency US
Taghizadieh et al35One emergency specialist
Parlamento et al34One emergency physicianThirty years of experience in general and cardiac US and 10 years of training in LUS<5 min
Reissig et
Experienced physicians (number and speciality not described)At least 100 chest US procedures done prior to study
Unluer et al37Three attending emergency physiciansThree hours of didactic and 3 hours of hands-on thoracic US taught by an experienced radiology specialist to learn the diagnostic criteria of alveolar consolidation<10 min
Benci et al17Physicians (number and speciality not described)Considerable experience in US techniques
Bitar et al29Intensivist (number not described)
Bourcier et al30Five emergency physiciansTwo days of theoretical formation alternating with practical ultrasounds sessions in groups of three people
Cipollini et al27Internal medicine specialist*More than 1 year of bedside US experience*
Cortellaro et al 19One expert operator<5 min
et al33
Five trained emergency physiciansMore than 2 years of experience in LUS
Ticinesi et al36Three internal and emergency medicine physiciansMore than 1 year of bedside US experienceLevel one of training completed according to the guidelines by the EFSUMB
  • *Data collected by correspondence with author.

  • -, not described; EFSUMB, European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology; LUS, lung ultrasonography; POC-US, point-of-care ultrasonography; US, ultrasonography.