Table 1

National trends in hospital performance

IndicatorUnit of measurementNumber of hospitals with valuesNational rate
National rate 2016–2017Change (2012–2013 to 2016–2017) (%)P value for trend
Hospital deaths (HSMR)Baseline 1009210091−90.00245*
Hospital deaths following major surgery%1801.8%1.6%−11.10.0154*
Medical patients readmitted to hospital%47413.5%13.7%1.50.0577
Obstetric patients readmitted to hospital%2252%2.1%50.0577
Patients aged 19 years and younger readmitted to hospital%1856.5%6.8%4.60.0805
Surgical patients readmitted to hospital%2466.7%6.9%30.0154*
In-hospital sepsisPer 10004314.23.9−7.10.194
Obstetric trauma (with instrument)%10018.9%18.9%00.880
  • *Statistically significant.

  • HSMR, hospital standardised mortality ratio.