Table 2

Data charting domains and explanations from implementation science frameworks

Data charting domain*Explanation
AcceptabilityPerception among implementation stakeholders that the intervention is agreeable, palatable or satisfactory
AdoptionIntention, initial decision or action to try or employ an innovation or evidence-based practice
AppropriatenessPerceived fit, relevance or compatibility of the intervention for a given practice setting, provider, target population or problem
FeasibilityExtent to which the intervention can be successfully used or carried out within a given setting
FidelityDegree to which an intervention was implemented as it was prescribed in the original protocol or as it was intended (planned and actual fidelity)
Implementation costCost impact of an implementation effort (influenced by intervention complexity, implementation strategy and setting)
Intervention complexityPerceived difficulty of implementation, reflected by duration, scope, radicalness, disruptiveness, centrality and intricacy and number of steps required to implement
PenetrationIntegration of a practice within a service setting and its subsystems
ReachThe absolute number, proportion and representativeness of individuals who are willing to participate in an intervention
SustainabilityExtent to which a newly implemented intervention is maintained or institutionalised within a service setting’s ongoing, stable operations
  • *Data may not be provided in each study. All information provided that is listed here will be extracted descriptively.