Table 3

Programme theory of the For Our Children’s Sake intervention, describing intervention characteristics, process and outcome evaluations and the hypothesised chain of impact of intervention on outcomes through mediators

Intervention characteristicsProcess evaluationOutcome evaluation
InputIntervention componentsMaterialImplementation strategiesIntermediate outcomes/mediatorImplementation outcomesShort-term outcomesLong-term outcomes (not assessed)Distal outcomes
(not assessed)
Group leader trainingTen group sessions ‘FOCS’Group leader manualPre-group interviewsParental attitude
FidelityQuality of CPRSChild health related quality of lifeChild delinquency
Time to prepare, administer and conduct groupsParent workbookLeadership engagementParental self-efficacyDoseParental criminal attitudes (MCAA)Child school resultsChild employment rate
ReachParent-child contactTeen pregnancies
AcceptabilityTreatment interestParent delinquency
Parenting practices
(not assessed)
  • AAPI-2, Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory 2 ; CPRS, Child-Parent Relationship Scale; FOCS, For Our Children’s Sake ; MCAA, Measures of Criminal Attitudes and Associates .