Table 1

Standard Protocol Items: Recommendations for Interventional Trials checklist for the evaluation of For Our Children’s Sake. Schedule for enrolment, informant, intervention and assessments.

Time point
Unit/informantPre-studyBaselineMid interventionAfter intervention3-month follow-upPost follow-up
 Eligibility screenPrison/parentX
 Informed consentParent/group leader/head of prisonX
Intervention groupEmbedded Image
Control groupX
Outcome assessments
Primary outcome CPRSParentXXX
Secondary outcome – parent-child contactParentXXX
Secondary outcome MCAAParentXXX
Secondary outcome – treatment interestParentXXX
Mediator – AAPI-2ParentXXXX
Mediator - PSEParentXXXX
DemographicsParent/group leader/head of prisonX
Implementation process assessments
Adverse event reportingGroup leaderX
Treatment fidelity group session audio recordingsGroup leaderEmbedded Image
Intervention dose and reachParent/group leader/head of prisonX
Qualitative data – interviews – acceptability of interventionParent/group leader/head of prisonX
  • *Participant allocation based on the existing operation planning at each prison. Prisons where a parenting group is planned for the autumn 2019 will be allocated to the intervention condition, whereas prisons planning to conduct parental groups during 2020 are allocated to the control condition.

  • AAPI-2, Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory 2 ; CPRS, Child-Parent Relationship Scale; MCAA, Measures of Criminal Attitudes and Associates; PSE, parental self-efficacy, scale specifically developed for the project.