Table 5

Needs of GPs regarding the reduction of lumbosacral spine X-rays and vitamin B12 tests

Need to reduce lumbosacral spine X-rays (N)Need to reduce vitamin B12 tests (N)
More time for the consult5316
Better explanation from physician2229
More knowledge for the physician1516
Better information on internet and especially ‘’*1513
Information campaign for the public1310
I don't have any needs/I don't see the problem with these practices1210
More knowledge for the physical therapist90
More physicians that discourage low-value care77
Improved information materials63
Culture change62
Better medical and physical examinations50
More consistency in seeing the same physician for a better relationship40
No longer reimbursing care33
Improved communication skills of physicians30
Braver physicians21
Feedback information on frequency of low-value care21
Less biased information from the media and commercial clinics121
More clear statements in guidelines18
Changes in organisation15
Attention in professional journals10
Fixed income for physicians10
Protection against complaints10
This is a hype and it will fade05
More research05
Available alternative01
Total number of needs183156
  • *Thuisarts is a Dutch national health information website for the general public, developed by the Dutch College of GPs (see

  • GPs, general practitioners.