Table 1

PICOS breakdown of study eligibility criteria

CategoryDescription of criteria
PopulationHuman of any age living with chronic, or non-acute, pain (pain of greater than 3 month duration)
Humans of any age living with chronic pain and co-occurring conditions: sleep disorders, mood disorders (anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder), alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder
InterventionCannabis or cannabinoid-based products (CBP) derived from the cannabis plant in the form of herbal cannabis and derivatives
Comparison(s)Placebo or other medications or intervention
Studies without comparators will also be included*
Outcome(s)Primary outcome
(1) Efficacy, tolerability and safety of cannabis and CBP derived from the cannabis plant in the management of chronic pain.
(2) Improvement in chronic pain, symptom management.
(3) Improvement in quality of life, patient-reported outcomes and patient functionality.
Secondary outcomes
Improvement in sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, alcohol use disorder, and opioid use disorder
Study designRandomised controlled trials, controlled trials,studies listed in meta-analyses and observational studies will be included
Studies that focus on cannabinoid mechanisms, commentary articles or non-systematic reviews will be excluded
  • *An example of a study without a comparator would be a study examining the efficacy of a single dosing regimen comparing baseline to end study scores.

  • PICOS, Patient, Intervention, Comparison intervention, Outcome, Study design.