Table 2

Score and distribution of PICC maintenance knowledge among the 4110 included nurses

DimensionsScore (Embedded Image±s)Grade of the total score*
Failed, N (%)Passed, N (%)Good, N (%)Total, N (%)
PICC flushing and sealing18.30±3.67
Replacement of dressing and needle free connectors8.28±3.83
Complication management26.93±7.13
Health education11.28±1.51
Catheter removal8.06±2.13
Overall PICC maintenance knowledge72.86±14.86679 (16.5)2030 (49.4)1401 (34.1)4110 (100.0)
  • *Grade of the total score: The total score was divided into three grades. Failed represents the score under 60; Passed represents the score from 60 to 79; Good represents a score of 80 or above.

  • PICC, peripherally inserted central catheter.