Table 3

Knowledge on maternal sepsis adjusted for respondents’ characteristics (n=2188)

Respondent characteristicsHad not heard about maternal sepsisCorrectly identified the two criteria to define maternal sepsisCorrectly identified management of sepsis when maternal sepsis was suspected
PrecampaignPostcampaignWald’s testPrecampaignPostcampaignWald’s testPrecampaignPostcampaignWald’s test
aOR95% CIaOR95% CIP valueaOR95% CIaOR95% CIP valueaOR95% CIaOR95% CIP value
Physician0.29*0.10 to 0.850.580.17 to 1.930.1081.780.80 to 3.953.85*1.54 to 9.600.1752.07*1.24 to 3.452.81*1.08 to 7.300.583
Years of work experience
 <100.50*0.26 to 0.961.570.77 to 3.180.0351.080.60 to 1.960.860.55 to 1.340.3520.860.53 to 1.400.610.30 to 1.230.775
 10–201 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)1 (ref)
 >201.210.61 to 2.380.730.19 to 2.871.170.59 to 2.301.50*1.02 to 2.211.590.60 to to 2.71
Country implemented an expanded version of campaign1.540.46 to 5.120.21*0.06 to 0.780.0041.180.53 to 2.650.860.31 to 2.340.2812.78*1.01 to 7.598.02*2.03 to 31.730.437
Respondent worked in a level III facility0.45*0.21 to 0.961.790.59 to 5.420.0061.630.77 to 3.452.80*1.32 to 5.940.3142.100.85 to to 3.020.406
  • Countries were considered to have implemented an expanded version of the campaign if they had printed and displayed all posters and infographics, prepared and disseminated press releases and if they had organised other activities or developed other materials for the campaign.

  • Adjusting for whether respondent was a physician, years of work experience, region, whether the country implemented an expanded version of the campaign and whether respondent worked in a level III facility, clustering at the geographical area level.

  • Wald’s test used to assess for differences in the models including interaction terms.

  • *P<0.05.

  • aOR, adjusted OR.