Table 2

Respondent knowledge on maternal sepsis and perception of enabling environments for maternal sepsis identification and management at precampaign and postcampaign and changes after campaign implementation (n=2188)

Precampaign n/N (%)Postcampaign n/N (%)Pre-cOR/post-cOR† (95% CI)‡Percentage change
Knowledge on maternal sepsis
 Had not heard of maternal sepsis§95/1144 (8.3)31/1021 (3.0)0.35* (0.18 to 0.68)−63.4
 Correctly identified the two criteria to define maternal sepsis¶109/673 (16.2)74/647 (11.4)0.67 (0.43 to 1.17)−29.4
 Correctly identified management of sepsis when maternal sepsis was suspected**114/251 (45.4)142/239 (59.4)1.76 (0.73 to 4.21)30.8
Perception of enabling environment for maternal sepsis identification and management
 Confident of making right decisions897/1155 (77.7)861/1033 (83.4)1.44* (1.01 to 2.06)7.3
 Resources available to make right decisions909/1155 (78.7)814/1033 (78.8)1.01 (0.68 to 1.49)0.1
 Supported by facility in making right decisions921/1155 (79.7)840/1033 (81.3)1.11 (0.80 to 1.54)2.0
  • Percentage change: [(% in post − % in pre)/% in pre]×100.

  • *P<0.05.

  • †Refers to OR between precampaign and postcampaign; OR calculated clustering at the geographical area level.

  • ‡Reference group: precampaign.

  • §Responded No to the question ‘Have you ever heard of the term maternal sepsis?’

  • ¶Answered Infection and Organ Dysfunction to the question: ‘What two criteria best describe maternal sepsis?’

  • **Answered Fluids and Antibiotics to the question: ‘What would be the first two things a woman should receive?’, when the respondent answered Infection/Sepsis to the question: ‘What would you first think could be causing her to feel this way?’

  • cOR, crude OR.