Table 3

Information collected from the NCIS for each included suicide case

Deidentified demographic variablesYear of death, age at the time of death, sex, marital status, employment status, country of birth, years in the country
ICD-10 – cause of deathAs determined during the Australian Bureau of Statistics mortality coding process
Medical cause of deathAs determined by the coroner
Incident date and timeWhen the incident that caused death occurred
Mechanism and object of injuryMechanism by which death occurred/objects involved in the death
Geocoding resultStatistical areas 3 and 4 of residential address at the time of death. Statistical areas are provided by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard for use by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and others to analyse spatially integrated information
Toxicology reportWe will document all drugs listed in each report, including their concentrations, the sample sites analysed, level of decomposition of the body and any other limitations to the toxicological testing.