Table 1

General characteristics of the study population

VariablesFrequencyProportion (%)
Sociodemographic characteristics
Age in years, mean (SD)23.4 (2.6)
 University of Yaoundé 114930.3
 University of Buea9519.3
 University of Douala265.3
 University of Bamenda13627.7
 ISTM Yaoundé336.7
 ISSM Baganté316.3
 Catholic University, Kumbo214.4
Academic Level, median (IQR)5.0 (4.0–7.0)
Number of social media accounts3.0 (2.0–4.0)
Type of social media account*
Time spent on social media per day, median (IQR)4.0 (3.0–6.0)
Past history
Family history of ADHD
Ever been diagnosed with ADHD?
Ever been diagnosed with learning disability
History of chronic disease
History of head injury
History of heart disease
Ever been told you snore in your sleep?
Recreational drug use
Type of recreational drug use (n=37)
History of severe depression
History of anxiety disorder
  • *Majority of the participants have more than one social media account.

  • ADHD, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder; ISSM, Institut Supérieure des Sciences Médicale; ISTM, Institut Supérieure des Technologies Médicale.