Table 2

Factors associated with symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among medical students on univariate and multivariable analysis

VariablesOR95% CIP valueAdjusted OR95% CIP value
Age (in years)*1.060.98 to 1.150.1311.010.92 to 1.100.855
Gender (female/ref: male)*0.960.63 to 1.450.8420.830.52 to 1.330.416
Institution* (ref: University of Yaoundé 1)
 University of Bamenda0.790.44 to 1.410.4310.770.41 to 1.430.406
 University of Buea1.620.91 to 2.900.1021.440.75 to 2.760.252
 Others1.420.81 to 2.510.2200.440.32 to 1.390.165
Academic level
(clinical year/ref: preclinical year)
0.860.54 to 1.380.514
Number of social media accounts*1.100.96 to 1.270.160
Number of hours spent on social media per day (4 or more/ref: below 4)1.250.82 to 1.900.300
Family history of ADHD (yes/ref: no)*2.390.80 to 7.010.1143.381.04 to 10.440.035†
History of chronic diseases (yes/ref: no)*3.251.74 to 6.05<0.001*2.961.49 to 5.860.002†
History of head injury (yes/ref: no)1.310.62 to 2.600.453
History of heart disease (yes/ref: no)0.950.26 to 2.740.929
Snores in sleep (yes/ref: no)1.380.91 to 2.100.722
Use of recreational drugs (yes/ref: no)0.840.35 to 1.810.679
History of severe depression (yes)*4.632.64 to 8.19<0.001*3.491.82 to 6.77<0.001†
History of anxiety disorder (yes)*3.292.14 to 5.06<0.001*2.061.25 to 3.360.004†
  • *Included in the multivariable analysis C-statistics=70.3%

  • †Significant p value.