Table 7

Differences between the registered protocol and manuscript in the group of trials that did not have discrepancies within the registered protocol itself (trials: N=88)

Differences between protocol and published manuscriptn (%)
Different individuals described as blinded between registeredprotocol and manuscript30 (34)
Registered protocol reported who was blinded; manuscript did not10 (11)
Registered protocol: triple-blind; manuscript: double-blind9 (10)
Registered protocol reported who was blinded; manuscript only that it was double-blind9 (10)
Registered protocol: open label, manuscript: blinding of one or more groups of individuals8 (9)
Registered protocol has a description of blinding; manuscript no description of blinding7 (8)
Registered protocol: quadruple-blind; manuscript: double-blind6 (7)
Registered protocol double-blind, manuscript single-blind2 (2)
Study described as observational on ClinicalTrials.gov2 (2)
Registered protocol: quadruple-blind; manuscript: triple-blind2 (2)
Registered protocol: no information about blinding; manuscript reported information about blinding1 (1)
Registered protocol: open label; manuscript only reported that participants were not blinded1 (1)
Registered protocol: single-blind; manuscript: double-blind1 (1)