Table 4

Linear regression analyses for the association between attitude (−2 to +2) towards nutrition counselling and the SELF course in Dutch medical students for the group in total (N=118) and stratified into men and women

Total (N=118)Men (n=31)Women (n=87)
Model 1Model 1Model 2*Model 1Model 2†
BetaSE95% CIBetaSE95% CIBetaSE95% CIBetaSE95% CIBetaSE95% CI
Constant0.440.150.15 to 0.740.320.21−0.12 to 0.760.150.29−0.44 to 0.740.540.190.16 to 0.930.190.24−0.28 to 0.66
Intervention0.190.11−0.02 to 0.400.530.180.17 to 0.890.500.180.13 to 0.870.080.13−0.18 to 0.330.040.14−0.24 to 0.31
  • Model 1: adjusted for preintervention scores of the dependent variable.

  • *Model 2: additionally adjusted for study year and previous nutrition education.

  • †Model 2: additionally adjusted for medical faculty and study year.

  • SELF, Students Experienced in Lifestyle and Food.