Table 1

The five components of medication advice

Withdrawal symptoms due to smoking cessationQuitting smoking may cause craving, irritability, insomnia, frustration, anxiety, restlessness, etc
Benefits of using NRT in quittingNicotine gum and patch can help relieve these symptoms
Scientific evidence strongly supports that NRT increases the quit rate and is a safe product
Side effects of NRTMinor side effects may appear such as insomnia, skin irritation, jaw ache, hiccups and mouth soreness, but they will disappear after a few days
Instructions of using NRTPatch: apply patch on clean and dry skin on the chest, back, upper arms, hips etc. Apply one patch per day. Change patch site daily to avoid skin irritation
Gum: steps of chewing gum: slowly chew the gum 10–15 times →the taste gradually becomes stronger→park the gum in the buccal area for about 1–2 min→the taste gradually becomes lighter→repeat the above steps. Avoid soft drinks, coffee and fruit juice 15 min before chewing. Daily dosage should not be more than 15 pieces
Making appointment for smoking cessation clinicsOnsite booking of appointment in the smoking cessation clinics is allowed
  • NRT, nicotine replacement therapy.