Table 1

Review characteristics

Review characteristics (N=531)Count (%)
Year of publication
 201250 (9)
 201379 (15)
 201467 (12.5)
 2015111 (21)
 2016216 (41)
 2017*8 (1.5)
Cochrane reviews125 (24)
Included primary studies (all designs) per review, mean (SD) (range)23 (37) (0–463)
Reviews including randomised controlled trials245 (46)
Health conditions/ populations
 Common chronic diseases
 (eg, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, chronic kidney failure, asthma, musculoskeletal conditions)
106 (20)
 Cancer21 (4)
 Critically or terminally ill16 (3)
 Patients undergoing lifestyle and prevention interventions53 (10)
 Patients undergoing surgical interventions (including preoperative care and safety checklists)18 (3)
 Mental health conditions67 (12)
 Older adults and aged care17 (3)
 Non-communicable diseases (eg, viral hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis)17 (3)
 Maternal and child health38 (7)
Outcomes reported
 Patient outcomes (health status and/or health behaviours, eg, mortality, morbidity and cure rates)492 (93)
 Quality of care (eg, adherence to recommended practice)62 (12)
 Access and/or use of healthcare services (eg, waiting time to receive care, readmission rates and length of stay in a facility)178 (34)
 Resource use (including healthcare resources, non-healthcare resources, eg, transportation costs, patient and caregiver time)161 (30)
 Impacts on equity30 (6)
 Social outcomes (eg, poverty and unemployment)15 (3)
 Healthcare provider outcomes (eg, well-being, fatigue, stress and satisfaction)68 (13)
 Adverse effects93 (18)
Reviews incorporating economic evaluation studies177 (33)
  • *Incomplete.