Table 1

Presenting syndromes in the Optymise cohort at baseline

Primary presenting syndromeAny presenting syndrome
NPercentage of sampleNPercentage of sample
Depressive disorder120343.5%182165.8%
Anxiety disorder57620.8%163359.0%
Bipolar or related disorder2328.4%28810.4%
Schizophrenia spectrum or other psychotic disorder1836.6%2458.9%
Neurodevelopmental disorder1585.7%38814.0%
Disruptive, impulse-control or conduct disorder812.9%1957.1%
Trauma-related or stressor-related disorder1093.9%2238.1%
Substance-related or addictive disorder582.1%2729.8%
Obsessive-compulsive or related disorder401.5%1395.0%
Eating disorder271.0%1354.9%
Personality disorder240.9%933.4%
Other disorder572.1%1144.1%
No psychiatric syndrome190.7%
  • Any presenting syndrome includes any full-threshold or subthreshold primary, secondary, or tertiary diagnoses. ‘Other disorder’ includes gender dysphoria, dissociative disorders, sleep–wake disorders, and somatic disorders.