Table 3

Prevalence of self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviour, alcohol and substance use, and physical health comorbidities in the Optymise cohort at baseline

NPercentage of sample
Self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviour
 Deliberate self-harm101336.6%
 Suicidal Ideation124044.8%
 Suicide planning48917.7%
 Suicide attempt(s)37913.7%
 Hospitalisation for suicide attempt2197.9%
Alcohol and substance use
 Any alcohol or substance use185367.0%
 Alcohol use172462.3%
 Cannabis use108339.1%
 Tobacco use104837.8%
 Stimulant use57020.6%
 Other drug use43215.6%
Physical health comorbidities
 Any major physical illness44716.2%
 Respiratory illness1294.7%
 Neurological illness873.1%
 Endocrine illness772.8%
 Metabolic illness491.8%
 Infective illness281.0%
 Immune illness260.9%
 Gastrointestinal illness240.9%
 Musculoskeletal illness200.7%
 Gynaecological illness190.7%
 Pain-related illness190.7%
 Cardiovascular illness120.4%
 Skin-related illness130.5%
 Blood-related illness100.4%
 Allergic illness90.3%
 Cancer or tumour-related illness70.3%
 Renal or urinary illness40.1%
 Hearing-related illness30.1%
 Ophthalmic illness20.1%