Table 4

Clinical course characteristics in the Optymise cohort at baseline

NPercentage of sample
Personal mental illness history
 Any childhood disorder36413.2%
 Childhood ADHD1515.5%
 Childhood ASD772.8%
 Childhood anxiety disorder662.4%
 Other childhood neurodevelopmental disorder562.0%
 Childhood depression411.5%
 Childhood behavioural or conduct disorder240.9%
 Childhood OCD120.4%
 Other childhood disorder110.4%
Family history in first-degree relatives
 Any family history of mental illness127045.9%
 Family history of depressive disorder83530.2%
 Family history of anxiety disorder40414.6%
 Family history of alcohol use disorder2499.0%
 Family history of bipolar disorder2167.8%
 Family history of substance use disorder1846.7%
 Family history of psychotic disorder1264.6%
 Family history of suicide441.6%
Treatment Utilisation
 Psychological therapy150154.3%
 Any psychiatric medication137349.6%
 Mood stabilisers2097.6%
 Any hospitalisation63523.0%
 Hospitalisation due to severity28110.2%
 Hospitalisation due to suicidality2187.9%
  • ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; ASD, autism spectrum disorder; OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder.