Table 2

Multilevel analysis for association of social and economic position with health-seeking behaviour for under-5 children with diarrhoea in Myanmar

VariableSeeking treatmentFormal health providerPublic providerPrivate provider
AOR95% CIP valueAOR95% CIP valueAOR95% CIP valueAOR95% CIP value
Social position*1.601.07 to 2.38<0.051.880.83 to to 0.99<0.051.831.00 to 3.34<0.05
Economic position*1.070.81 to 1.430.631.390.69 to 2.800.360.640.43 to 0.94<0.051.571.07 to 2.30<0.05
Child age (months)
 12–590.940.51 to 1.740.860.420.10 to 1.750.230.790.28 to 2.190.651.800.13 to 23.940.66
Number of under-5 children in household
 ≥20.660.37 to to 1.810.361.901.11 to 3.22< to 2.000.17
 Rural0.970.62 to 1.530.913.861.40 to 5.65<0.052.430.92 to 6.470.080.410.15 to 0.90<0.05
 Complete0.880.58 to 1.330.551.910.78 to 4.700.161.950.93 to to 1.700.14
Blood in stool
 Yes3.231.09 to 5.14<0.051.621.26 to 4.38<0.050.380.08 to 1.730.212.631.58 to 6.98<0.05
Fever in recall period
 Yes1.651.04 to 2.25<0.051.421.07 to 2.73<0.050.840.51 to 1.360.481.241.03 to 2.94<0.05
ARI in recall period
 Yes1.030.480.930.370.07 to 1.830.220.770.39 to 1.500.441.060.18 to 6.060.95
  • *Per unit increase in standardised. Adjusted for child age, immunisation status and severity of illnesses such as blood in stool, fever and ARI in recall period at individual level, number of under-5 children in household at household level and residence and administrative regions at community level.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; ARI, acute respiratory infection; public provider, all public health clinics or any higher-level facility plus community health workers; private provider, private hospitals, private clinics and private doctors; immunisation according to national immunisation programme specific to child’s age.