Table 1

Basic characteristics of the sample outpatient visits*

SubgroupsNo of prescriptionsPercentage (%)
Type of patients
 Outpatient clinic910591.1
 Emergency department8959.0
Age group
Gender of patients
Hospital level
Region of China†
Top five most used antibiotics
No of diagnoses
 Non-valid diagnosis‡160.2
 One diagnosis659766.0
 Two diagnoses192119.2
 Three diagnoses7537.5
 Four diagnoses3303.3
 Five diagnoses1631.6
 >5 diagnoses2202.2
Length of diagnosis text§
 Non-valid diagnosis160.2
 1–4 characters364536.5
 5–9 characters366236.6
 10–14 characters147714.8
 15–19 characters5745.7
 ≥20 characters6266.3
  • *For rounding reasons, the sum of the percentages of some subgroups may not be exactly equal to 100%.

  • †Regions of China were divided according the National Bureau of Statistics of China.

  • ‡Diagnosis that contained only numbers, punctuation (eg, comma, semicolon, exclamation mark, etc), and other non-Chinese characters, told nothing about the indication for antibiotics and were defined as invalid diagnosis.

  • §Whitespace and punctuation were not counted.