Table 2

Study schedule

EnrolmentAllocation and interventionInterventionPost-intervention
Time pointStudies which are sent out for peer reviewAfter first peer reviewer accepts invitationWhenever an additional peer reviewer accepts invitationFirst decision by journalPublished manuscripts
Eligibility screenX
 C-short + usual careXX
 Usual careXX
Assessment of trial characteristics:
 Funding sourceX
 Study centres (single centre or multicentre)X
 Sample sizeX
 Study design (eg, parallel arm, crossover)X
 Hypothesis (eg, superiority, non-inferiority)X
 Medical fieldX
 Intervention testedX
 Number of trial armsX
 Number of peer reviewersX
 Journal which published the manuscriptX
 Number of journals requesting CONSORT adherence (submission of checklist mandatory)X
Assessment of outcomes:
 Time from assigning an academic editor until the first decisionX
 Proportion of manuscripts directly rejected after the first round of peer reviewX
 Proportion of manuscripts that will be published in the journal under studyX
 Adherence to CONSORT items and sub-itemsX
  • CONSORT, CONsolidated Standards of Reporting Trials.