Table 1

Summary of the per person lifetime costs* and percentage of cases and non-cases genetically tested for each strategy (ordered by increasing cost of strategy)

StrategyTotal undiscounted costs*Total discounted costs*Incremental costs versus no testing strategy*% who are genetically tested
With monogenic diabetesWithout monogenic diabetes
Clinical Prediction Model Testing†£133 200£53 600−£100923
Biomarker Testing£133 300£53 600−£100928
Ad Hoc Testing£133 500£53 70006<1
No Testing£133 600£53 700NA00
All Testing£133 700£54 000£3009292
  • *Rounded to nearest £100.

  • †Probability thresholds chosen to maximise costs saved versus No Testing are 12.6% for type 1 versus monogenic diabetes and 75.5% for type 2 versus monogenic diabetes.