Table 1

Data items to be extracted from each included article

Data itemDetails to be extracted
Study characteristicsComplete author list, publication year, journal, funding source, geographical location of study, study design, randomisation method if applicable, total number of subjects per group
Patient characteristicsAverage age, sex distribution, average body mass index, type of hypertension (eg, sustained hypertension, masked hypertension, white-coat hypertension, nocturnal hypertension), duration of hypertension, average systolic and diastolic blood pressure at baseline, list of other comorbidities
InterventionGeneric name of antihypertensive medication, type of control used, dosage, frequency and duration of treatment, delivery method
ResultsDuration of follow-up, achieved systolic and diastolic blood pressure, cardiovascular (and cerebrovascular) morbidity and mortality, all-cause mortality, drug compliance, adverse events, permanent treatment discontinuations