Table 2

Profile of healthcare providers

IDIProfile of healthcare providers
IMO, M30-35The medical officer was an MBBS graduate (a medical doctor), responsible for managing cases at the PHCC. At the time of the interview, the doctor had been working at the clinic for 3 years.
IIN, F25-30An interviewed nurse was a BSC nursing graduate. She was working with PHC for >2 years and was responsible for delivering preventive and curative services to the patients.
IIIAWH, M30-40In Nepal, a mid-level health worker (auxiliary health worker or health assistant) is responsible for managing the health post. Mid-level health workers have some clinical responsibilities such as diagnosing and treating common conditions and referring complex cases to PHCC/secondary or tertiary health centres. At the time of the interview, the senior auxiliary health worker had >15 years’ experience managing the health post and the conditions under his practice.
IVFCHV, F40-45FCHV, also known as ‘female volunteer’, are frontline pillars of a community-based health programme in Nepal. They are responsible for educating and delivering health promotion programme at the community level and recording and reporting of data in the community. At the time of interview, the FCHV had secondary level school education (10 years of school education) and 10 years’ experience in a community-based activity.
  • FCHV, female community health volunteers; HP, health post; PHC, primary healthcare; PHCC, primary healthcare centre.