Table 1

Guiding principles for the ADvisor intervention

ADvisor guiding principles
Design objectivesKey (distinctive) design features
To build confidence that discontinuing antidepressant medication is safe and achievable over the long term
  • Offer an evidence-based rationale for how withdrawal and replacement with psychological/behavioural alternatives will help.

  • Provide withdrawal success stories and examples (modelling).

  • Address concerns patients may have re withdrawal (side effects, symptoms) from their previous experiences—demonstrate empathy and acknowledge real barriers to change.

  • Offer motivational support.

To be an accessible, motivating resource that supports patients in managing their withdrawal in a manner that aligns with their preferences
  • Foster autonomy through choice and a non-prescriptive approach, providing explanations for all suggestions.

  • Offer a broad range of strategies from quick support in managing withdrawal symptoms, to more in-depth modules on a mindful approach to preventing depression relapse, and behavioural strategies for managing day-to-day stressors.

  • Provide options for self-tailoring to personal experiences and barriers

  • Provide a simple, attractive interface, with a focus on accessibly of content