Table 1c

Estimates of HRs (with 95% CIs) of life satisfaction risk factors based on age and sex-adjusted, and fully adjusted regression models, and the Wald test p values

DeathsAge and sex-adjusted regression model*Multiple regression model†
Have you felt tensioned, stressed or under a lot of strain during the past month?P=0.002
 Yes, my life is almost unbearable1041.001.00
 Yes, quite more so than people usually are5210.60(0.47 to 0.76)0.82(0.64 to 1.06)
 Yes, somewhat, but no more than what is usual22880.47(0.37 to 0.59)0.73(0.57 to 0.93)
 Not at all13970.50(0.39 to 0.63)0.79(0.61 to 1.02)
How satisfied are you with your accomplishments in life?P=0.004
 Very satisfied2821.001.00
 Satisfied12891.16(0.98 to 1.37)1.12(0.94 to 1.33)
 Somewhat satisfied23251.49(1.27 to 1.75)1.21(1.02 to 1.43)
 Unsatisfied4142.41(1.98 to 2.93)1.32(1.06 to 1.64)
How often do you have to stretch your strength to the extreme in order to cope with your present work?P=0.001
 I do not work16030.96(0.74 to 1.24)1.13(0.86 to 1.48)
 Almost all the time1151.001.00
 Quite often3760.75(0.56 to 1.00)0.92(0.68 to 1.24)
 Sometimes7800.74(0.57 to 0.97)0.99(0.75 to 1.31)
 Seldom or never14360.70(0.54 to 0.91)0.96(0.73 to 1.26)
Is your financial status now better or worse than before?P=0.001
 Much better4481.001.00
 Somewhat better10240.98(0.83 to 1.15)0.93(0.79 to 1.09)
 About the same18751.20(1.04 to 1.39)1.09(0.94 to 1.26)
 A bit worse6541.37(1.16 to 1.62)1.12(0.94 to 1.33)
 A lot worse3091.87(1.55 to 2.25)1.14(0.93 to 1.39)
I feel it impossible to attain the goals that I’d like to attain.P<0.001
 Absolutely agree2631.001.00
 Somewhat agree7750.71(0.58 to 0.86)0.87(0.71 to 1.07)
 Hard to say19810.69(0.58 to 0.83)0.85(0.70 to 1.03)
 Somewhat disagree8270.49(0.41 to 0.60)0.72(0.59 to 0.89)
 Absolutely disagree4650.46(0.37 to 0.57)0.74(0.59 to 0.94)
I feel that I do not have any good friends.P=0.105
 Agree or hard to say8781.38(1.24 to 1.53)1.09(0.98 to 1.22)
Do you have trouble getting along with your spouse?P<0.001
 I do not have a spouse12761.60(1.26 to 2.03)1.35(1.06 to 1.73)
 Quite often or more often1381.001.00
 Sometimes or seldom21750.98(0.78 to 1.25)1.14(0.90 to 1.45)
 Never7211.02(0.79 to 1.31)1.21(0.94 to 1.56)
How often have your children caused you special trouble?P=0.040
 Often or I have no children10211.001.00
 Sometimes5110.78(0.67 to 0.90)0.96(0.83 to 1.12)
 Seldom11000.72(0.64 to 0.81)0.93(0.82 to 1.06)
 Never16780.71(0.64 to 0.79)0.89(0.80 to 1.00)
  • *Age and sex-adjusted model.

  • †All risk factors in table 1a, b and c, including also age, sex and the biological risk factors in figure 2, were entered in the model simultaneously.