Table 1b

Estimates of HRs (with 95% CIs) of lifestyle risk factors based on age and sex-adjusted, and fully adjusted regression models, and the Wald test p values

DeathsAge and sex-adjusted regression model*Multiple regression model†
 Quitted more than 6 months ago9641.22(1.09 to 1.35)1.17(1.05 to 1.31)
 Current15062.75(2.50 to 3.01)1.67(1.44 to 1.93)
Number of cigarettes per dayP<0.001
14991.04(1.04 to 1.05)1.02(1.01 to 1.02)
Alcohol per week (per 100 g above 84 g)P<0.001
10561.19(1.16 to 1.22)1.08(1.04 to 1.12)
How often, during the past 12 months, have you felt intoxicated by alcohol?P=0.001
 Once a week or more often3931.001.00
 At least once a month7520.78(0.67 to 0.91)0.95(0.81 to 1.12)
 Less than once a month31650.51(0.44 to 0.58)0.81(0.69 to 0.94)
Bread spreadP=0.004
 Low-fat spread, nothing, household margarine or spreads with plant stanols24941.001.00
 Butter, butter-vegetable oil mixture or cooking margarine18161.32(1.22 to 1.43)1.14(1.04 to 1.24)
If you drink milk, what kind is it usually?P<0.001
 Skimmed milk4991.001.00
 Low-fat milk or I do not drink milk27051.25(1.12 to 1.41)1.17(1.04 to 1.31)
 Whole or full milk11062.10(1.84 to 2.39)1.53(1.33 to 1.77)
How often do you usually eat fresh vegetables, root crops (excluding potatoes) and fresh salads?P=0.031
 At most twice a week22451.001.00
 Almost daily12770.72(0.65 to 0.78)0.94(0.86 to 1.04)
 Daily7880.61(0.55 to 0.68)0.88(0.79 to 0.99)
How often do you usually eat fruits or berries?P=0.007
 At most twice a month4621.001.00
 Once or twice a week12850.67(0.59 to 0.76)0.94(0.82 to 1.08)
 Almost daily or daily25620.48(0.42 to 0.54)0.85(0.74 to 0.98)
How much do you exercise and stress yourself physically in your leisure time?P<0.001
 Low25530.66(0.60 to 0.72)0.81(0.74 to 0.89)
 High5160.47(0.41 to 0.54)0.75(0.65 to 0.86)
  • *Age and sex-adjusted model.

  • †All risk factors in table 1a, b and c, including also age, sex and the biological risk factors in figure 2, were entered in the model simultaneously.