Table 2

Variation in antibiotic prescribing between family practices

MeasureCentiles of family practices
AB prescribing rate per 1000 patient-years4305636487481038
Acute prescriptions (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)7686909397
Repeat prescriptions (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)37101424
Coded indication (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)1048586575
Respiratory (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)631364252
Genitourinary (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)1781116
Skin (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)28101216
Other specific (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)01123
Non-coded indications (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)2435425190
No codes recorded (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)1361128
Non-specific codes recorded (% of all antibiotic prescriptions)1219242959
  • Column per cents are not expected to sum to 100 as different family practices may be represented for the same centile in different rows.

  • Figures represent the centiles of the distribution of family practice-specific values.

  • AB, antibiotic.