Table 2

Univariate analysis of current cigarette smoking, GYTS Greece 2013

VariableCurrent cigarette smoking
Absolute numbersWeighted percentageRR95% CIP value*
 Male208/200510.31.040.90 to 1.210.544*
Age group (years)
Father’s education
 University or above98/13227.3NANA<0.001†
 High school76/60411.8
 Elementary or less55/34915.1
Mother education
 University or above124/15447.9NANA0.007†
 High school69/51512.6
 Elementary or less32/24013.5
 Athens201/177311.11.190.99 to 1.730.354
 Rest of country (ROC)211/22159.6Ref
Pocket money
 €25+47/20522.73.652.6 to 5.0<0.001†
 €15–€2499/59815.42.61.9 to 3.4
 €5–€14187/19159.31.51.2 to 2.0
See parents smoking at home
 Both parents158/102514.9NANA<0.001*
Accept a tobacco product offered by a best friend
 Yes303/47762.820.2916.09 to 25.57<0.001*
  • *Pearson's χ2 test.

  • †χ2 test for trend.

  • GYTS, Global Youth Tobacco Survey; NA, not applicable; RR, relative risk.